“The routine is well-thought out, with one pose flowing effortlessly to the next (or at least it’s effortless when Melinda shows us).” Read more here


"What a fun and challenging practice that was. Wonderful guidance from @melindaszepesi köszönöm"


"Just wanted to say that today's class was amazing, I loved it, loved it"


"I had the pleasure to do a session with you this morning- Amazing! Thanks <3 "


"I definitely felt like a dancer again flowing through @melindaszepesi's new mandala class at Yogahaven Richmond this morning, thank you so much <3" 


"I enjoyed learning a bit about the Mandala yoga. I love the energy of Melinda"


"Such a beautiful Mandala class this morning. Thank you Melinda Szepesi for starting my Mondays off!<3"


"Thank you for an absolutely beautiful class this morning. One of my only mornings when I can sleep, but I've found it much more exciting to join your class, your lessons are more important than sleep;)"


"Whar. A. Class. Thank you Melinda Szepesi for the intro to Mandala, you absolute sequencing Jedi! Monday 8:15AM Yogahaven Richmond only way to kick start the week."


"Feeling vibey after @melindaszepesi 's Rocket Class <3 "



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