Private / Corporate classes

Private Classes

In addition to my scheduled classes, I offer private sessions to individuals and groups, including home visits. These are ideal for those looking to practice free of the distractions of larger public classes. Book now to learn proper alignment, work on specific Asanas (poses) or other personal goals.
Classes are tailor made to suit the needs of my clients, to help them achieve their goals, whether they are to heal, to improve their technical skills, or to understand their body at a deeper level!

Get in touch today to book a class with friends, family members or your partner.

Or give it as a gift.



Corporate classes

Nowadays you can bring your weekly practice to work. The only thing you need is a mat to practice on and a lovely bunch of colleagues who are willing to share their time, breath and movement for a better working environment.
Yoga relieves stress and creates space, calming the mind and increasing productivity. Of course, there are also physical benefits to the practice, like building strength and correcting posture.
Practicing yoga at work is an excellent way to build a sense of community while improving mental, physical and emotional health-plus, it’s a great way to start the day!

For more information regarding availability and pricing, you can contact directly.

Past and Present Clients: Carwow, C.Hoare & Co., Spaceape Games



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