"Always be open to inspiration. You never know where it may come from. Begin with an open mind, end with an inspired heart."
—Sheri Fink

We are all unique. That's why we should be wary of comparing ourselves too much with others. Our goals and aspirations should be in our own terms, and geared to our specific circumstances. Nevertheless, the examples others set are a great source of inspiration for thinking about the person we want to be.

Who inspires me?

First of all, Áïne O'gorman.
I’ve been lucky enough to know Áïne for a few years now. Most days she’s busy saving the planet as head of the environmental society and Fossil Free Movement at Trinity College Dublin, or fighting poverty around the world with ONE. And yet somehow she still finds time to be a supportive friend, a traveling buddy and an open mind towards the rich variety the world has to offer.
She has taught me a lot.

Next on the list is Katarina Rayburn, a teacher, an inspirational yogi, and a friend.
Katarina is one of the most driven people I know, and amazing teacher. But more importantly, she has faith in people. She’ll tell you that you can do everything and encourage you: you should just give it a go”, she says. And should you fall, she’ll tell you to get back up and try again.
Every day I try to bring her fearlessness and diligence to my practice and teaching. She works harder than anyone could possibly imagine, and always with a goal in mind.
I'll always look up to her!

And last but not least is Triinu Oraste, another close friend.
Fate had us share a flat during my time in Japan (more a room than a flat, if my memory serves me) and has kept us close across great distances and spans of time since then. She is a mom of two, one of the greatest sources of spiritual inspiration I have, and the source of my understanding of the unconscious mind. Before we met I hadn't thought nearly enough about how to be a good friend, a good sibling, a good daughter, or just a good person. But perhaps most importantly, she taught me how to be good to myself.
I would like to thank her for introducing me to meditation, to inner work and to the importance of being present. Meeting her was in some ways the first step on my journey towards being a yogi and a yoga teacher, and she still inspires me today.


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